Annamaria Cammilli a milano

Montenapoleone Fine Jewelry –
Annamaria Cammilli

The conception and creation moment of a concept is generated by the soul and the talent of an artist, Annamaria Cammilli in Milan.
The designer is a painter and sculptor who creates in the cosiness of her house among the ills of Florence, in the atmospheres inspired by her personal world, made of nature, travels, fashion, in a complete liberty of expression. In that place she develops original shapes and themes, creating colours and techniques combinations that she then shapes on the canvas or on the clay, obtaining very beautiful and refined art works. From here everything was born. The marvellous flowers, plants and leaves varieties and the sinuous movements in which the colours shades and always different light shapes melt and play together. These are instants of absolute beauty.
The creative, sensible and meticulously careful transformation of the nature materializes in some pieces of pure grace and big uniqueness. From the creative concept of the artist, successively, a jewel will be born, the artistic shapes on the canvas and on the clay are sometimes evoked in some thin traits and some other times in a more evident way in the Cammilli collections. A Cammilli object speaks about itself because it acquires its own life, a well-defined and unmistakable identity. Like the nature elements from which it earns a charm that remains unchanged over the years.
In the Cammilli jewels, nature distinguishes and intensifies itself because it has been beforehand interpreted and then shaped by an artist’s hands. It’s just because it is alive that it mutates and evolves into even more essential shapes. That is a surplus value of the jewel that makes it unmistakable, transforming it into an everlasting masterpiece.