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The company


In 1977 in Vicenza, the city of gold, Roberto Coin founded the company that would have his name. The company initially aimed to the production on behalf of some of the most famous brands of the high international jewellery. In 1996 the brand Robert Coin was launched. The success is rapid and extraordinary: in 2000, only four years after its birth, the brand Roberto Coin positions itself at the seventh place among the most famous jewellery brands in the United States. After two years, in 2002, the brand positions itself at the third place in the international outline and at the first one among the Italian jewellers. Today, Roberto Coin counts more than 800 sales points in the world, the central offices are still in Vicenza that are flanked by foreign branches and by Roberto Coin Inc, the offices in New York.

The Ruby

Considered the King of the precious stones, the ruby has always been surrounded by an air of legend, that attributes magic powers to it, among them there is the ability of giving peace and promoting a long, healthy and happy life. In the past times, women thought that the ruby facilitated the fertility, while the Burmese warriors put some rubies under the skin in order to protect themselves from the wounding in the battle. In 1996, Roberto Coin began to sign the jewels of the iconic collection Appassionata, mounting a small ruby in their inner part, in a hidden position in order to allow the direct contact of the stone with the skin. From that moment this tradition is repeated in all the collections, so that it has become the exclusive label of all the Roberto Coin’s jewels. It is dedicated, as a secret and wish gift, to all the women who wear and love one of his exclusive creations.

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