The Fifth Season by Roberto Coin a Milano

Montenapoleone Fine Jewelry – The Fifth Season Collection

At the Montenapoleone Fine Jewelry, you have the possibility to appreciate the collection The Fifth Season by Roberto Coin in Milan. As for all the collections of this designer, the coherence in the production is one of the most important qualities. Even if Roberto Coin usually addressed towards essential and simple compositions, with The Fifth Season he marks a certain discontinuity point, proposing jewels with a rather accentuated decorative component, but, in any case, characterized by clean and dry lines.

The Fifth Season is in its entirely a more contemporary and young collection than the minimal choices that had characterized his previous production.
The Fifth Season proposes a series of earrings, rings and pendants in white and red gold, with structures and lines binds that are singularly chaotic but are on the whole ordered.

The pieces form an essential geometrical equilibrium that allows lights effects and shadows on the skin. Even if this collection marks a certain discontinuity with the products that have been previously proposed, our customers who appreciate Roberto Coin’s minimalism, can’t do without noting the distinctive characteristic that guides the hand of the designer in all his productions, the sharp edges of the pieces, the decision and the cleanliness of the lines, the final equilibrium of the object.

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